Can I overdose on the ingredients in timeblock® (for example folic acid)?

If you consume the product as indicated – 1 DAY capsule and 1 NIGHT capsule – you cannot overdose on the respective ingredients. In any case, we recommend you not to exceed the recommended intake.

The colours of the Day and Night capsules differ from those of my last order. Is that normal?

timeblock® contains purely natural ingredients and colorings. The colors clearly indicate the difference between the DAY and NIGHT capsules. The natural colorings may cause color variations which, however, do not imply a lower product quality.

Does timeblock® have any known side effects? 

As timeblock® is made of plant-based extracts, adaptogen, and vitamins, it is highly absorbable and will have NO side effects upon consumption. However, if you suffer from allergies, please consult your physician before you start taking timeblock®. You should stop consumption of timeblock® if you develop allergic reactions to any of its ingredients and see a doctor immediately.

Over what period of time should I consume timeblock®?

The best results are expected after a few months. To really notice the benefits of timeblock®, we recommend a consumption period of at least 6 months. Many of our customers decide to take timeblock® regularly, as they feel its positive impacts on their bodies and skin and on their general well-being.

Can I consume timeblock® while I am pregnant?

The intake of timeblock® is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women. The reason is that the product contains a large amount of ECGC (from green tea) which is not optimized for pregnancy or lactation.

Can I take the day capsule at noontime instead of for breakfast?

You may consume the DAY capsule together with (before or after) your lunch. However, the DAY capsule should not be taken after 6pm as it contains ECGC (green tea extract), which might affect your sleep.

How should I consume timeblock®?

We recommend you to consume the DAY capsule together with (before or after) your first meal and the NIGHT capsule with your last meal of the day. Both capsules should be taken with sufficient amounts of liquid. Please note that the consumption of the DAY capsule after 6 pm should be avoided, as the ECGC (green tea extract) the DAY capsule contains might affect your sleep.

What distinguishes timeblock® from other conventional food supplements?

The ingredients of timeblock® are grown all over the world and harvested in-house. Our team of scientists who developed timeblock® experimented for more than 7 years to find the perfect ingredients and the best locations for their cultivation. From there we grew those plants in those parts of the world and achieved astonishing results! The level of efficacy of the active substances of each plant depended on the place and climate that it was grown. 

The differences were immense in some cases. For example, the barley grass contained in each timeblock® capsule grows in the Himalayas. When the scientists tried to cultivate the same barley grass in Switzerland, it did not contain any tocotrienols and PQQ – in contrast to barley grass from the Himalayan region, even though it was grown according to the best organic standards. 

Case studies on the level of efficacy can be found when a scientific study with 120 participants was conducted at the University of Vienna.

Is it okay to drink green tea while I take timeblock®?

When you take timeblock®, you will ingest sufficient amounts of the active substance contained in green tea. This is why from a health perspective, it is not necessary to drink green tea in addition. However, if you are a passionate green tea drinker, we recommend you to consult your physician beforehand!

What characterizes timeblock®?

For timeblock®, we process a variety of superfoods with our special methods. The result is a powder concentrate which contains a maximum level of all valuable nutrients from wheat grass, barley grass, shiitake mushrooms, tomatoes, grape seeds, green tea, marigold and algae, besides added vitamins. The essential ingredients originate from natural herbal sources. The individual ingredients are listed on each timeblock® packaging.

How is timeblock® produced?

The wide range of ingredients are cultivated in locations which offer optimal growth conditions, including places in the Himalayas, Brazil, Tibet, Japan and different regions in Europe. 

After the harvest, the plants are processed very quickly to ensure that we obtain the maximum possible amount of valuable nutrients using the latest Swiss technology. 

After, the ingredients go through our patented freeze drying process that complies with GMP standards. The concentrated timeblock® powder is filled into vegan capsules made from plant cellulose in Germany. 

timeblock® is subject to the strictest quality controls.

How is the processing quality of timeblock® guaranteed?

Our production facilities are inspected annually by the state quality control agency.

Does timeblock® contain any additives?

timeblock® is free from chemical preservatives. This also applies to the capsules, which do not contain any animal substances and are thus 100% vegan.

Is timeblock® an organic product?

All ingredients are continuously checked for the presence of pesticides and herbicides to guarantee the high quality standards of timeblock®. The great majority of our ingredients are grown in remote regions of the world, far away from the great industrial areas. Yet, timeblock® is not an organic product according to the current guidelines, as every country applies different organic certificates.

Could people suffering from allergies take timeblock®?

Before consuming timeblock®, please make sure you check the list of ingredients on the packaging. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients, you should not consume timeblock®.

Can timeblock® be taken in combination with other types of medication?

timeblock® contains purely natural ingredients however, we recommend you to consult your physician before consuming timeblock®.

Are the ingredients of timeblock® tested on animals?

The ingredients of timeblock® are neither tested on animals nor are they of animal origin. For this reason, timeblock® can be consumed by both vegetarians and vegans.



Can I order by phone or email?

If you wish to order through email, you can reach us either via our email at timeblocksg@gmail.com. You will usually receive an answer within 12 hours.

How can I cancel my order?

If you wish to cancel your order, please contact us through our email at timeblocksg@gmail.com within 2 hours from making your order. Please note that no changes can be made as soon as your order has left our facilities.

Can I change my order or add items after completing the order?

You can usually make changes within 1-2 hours after completing your order. To do so, please contact us by sending an email to timeblocksg@gmail.com. Please consider that no changes can be made as soon as your order has left our shipping facilities.

Can I change my shipping address after completing my order?

Unfortunately it is not possible for you to change the shipping address yourself after you complete your order.

However, contact us by sending an email to timeblocksg@gmail.com within 2 hours from making your order. 

Please note that a change of address is only possible if your package has not left our facilities.

How long is the shipping period?

Your order is usually ready for shipping immediately. The shipping period is about 2-3 working days.

What are the shipping costs?

We provide free shipping for all deliveries in Singapore. For international shipping, please contact us at info@time-block.sg.

Can I return my package, and how does this work?

You can return your package within 14 days after receipt. If you have already opened your package, we reserve the right to charge you a compensation for products you have already opened. If you would like to return your package, please contact our customer service by sending an email to info@time-block.sg.