Our nutritious main ingredients are grown in Bhutan, Japan, Peru and the south of Italy at altitudes of more than 2000 meters.

PHYTONUTRIENTS at the highest level. The food supplement timeblock® VITAL AGING NUTRITION was developed by the SWISS BLUEZONES® RESEARCH GROUP


Since 1997, the Swiss group has been traveling the world in search of plants containing potent phytosubstances which provide protection against diseases and slow down the aging process of the cells

They examined 108 species all over the world in very remote areas which are now referred to as blue zones. During their research, they discovered the enormous anti-aging potential of some of these phytosubstances

This became the basis of the unique formula of timeblock®, the first epigenetic cell rejuvenation concept developed to preserve the freshness of your skin and body.

The innovative and evidence-based timeblock® system is rich in phytosubstances. Our skin care series is free from parabens, SLS, fragrances and alcohol and is subject to the strictest safety and efficacy tests.

WHAT IS A BLue zone?

Blue zones are regions in the world where the local population is proven to live longer than average.

A combination of physical activity, reduction of stress, special phytonutrients, and other factors are lifestyle features which the inhabitants of these regions have in common and which contribute to their longevity

To be precise, the inhabitants of these regions account for a high proportion of the world’s centenarians. They only suffer from a small fraction of the mortal diseases which afflict people in other parts of the industrialized world and enjoy a higher life expectancy in good health.


A gentle drying procedure was specially developed to maximize the growth of the nutrients and at the same time effectively reduce contamination.

The moment of harvest is chosen carefully – for example, the young tips of green tea leaves, which are particularly rich in nutrients, are collected over a period of several weeks. We don’t rush nature, so we always obtain the best quality.